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Our Fields

We have the widest selection of paintball field options in New Zealand, with nine fantastic themed fields catering for recreational, speedball and milsim paintballlers, including : D-Day Landing, Dawn of the Dead Graveyard, Deadwood Western Town, Mad Max Urban Wasteland and Area 51 UFO field. 

We also have two bush fields (Platoon & Rambo’s End) for those bigger groups wanting a real woodland experience and two training & tournament speedball fields – including the only synthetic surfaced all-weather comp. paintball field in New Zealand – with floodlights coming.

Dawn of the Dead "Deadwood" Western Town "Mad Max" Urban Wasteland "D Day Landing" WW2 "Area 51" UFO Crash Site Mother Energy PSP Field Barrel Field Rambo’s End & Platoon Shooting range

Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead.2


Enter through the Doors of Doom where you are greeted by our giant Grim Reaper.

Not for the feint hearted. Guarded by giant obelisks the burial mounds, gravestones, crypts, and other monuments all radiate out from the central mausoleum.

Repel zombie attacks and send them back to their resting place, or break out of the cemetery and participate in perfect zombie apocalypse.

Deadwood” western town



After 20 days in the saddle you’ve arrived in Deadwood, the meanest town in the west. Waiting to meet you are one corrupt sheriff and his deputies. The gunfire rages as you battle for the town.

Mad Max” urban wasteland

field urban


Disaster has struck mankind. All that remains are an army of zombies and your posse of last survivors. Battle it out in what’s left of the town centre. You are in command of the train carriage with the enemy clustered around the bus.

Blast your way around the townscape complete with abandoned vehicles, fire engine, light poles, traffic lights, billboards, bus stops…You must take control of the fuel dump or you will remain forever in this urban wasteland.

D Day Landing” WW2

D Day.2


3 landing crafts, tanks traps galore, sand bags and craters, standing soldiers, gun emplacements; one fantastic beach head complete with army vehicles and two ginormous 12m long battery guns set the scene for the re-enactment of this famous landing.

Take your place in one of the three landing craft, gun in hand and a small view out the gun hole and onto the beach.

Move like hell to outwit the defenders encamped on the beachhead and protected by the major gun emplacements and sand-bagged defences, or protect the Fatherland from allied seaborne invasion.

It’s all in your hands to outshoot, outwit and outrun your opposition. Definitely a strategic teamwork field.

"Area 51" UFO Crash Site



Illegal Aliens from outer space have definitely been our way before. This time they are back – drawn by the power of the “Seat of Stone” which must be captured and returned to the home planet of Andyo. Standing in their way are the brave soldiers of the Earth Defence League.

Crashed UFO’s, defence rockets, craters and strange mounds set up a terrific “out of this world” paintball battle.


We have a custom made PSP inflatables just for you speedballers!

The field has recently been converted to synthetic astro turf, ready for training and tournaments all year round!

Bookings essential, contact us for more info.


Looking to train more often?? Want to become a member and save money??

rush deal

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Duck and weave through makeshift bunkers, move up quickly to keep the opposition on their heels! The Barrel Field is designed to mimic tournament layouts, perfect for training new paintballers in the art and tactics of speedball.

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Rambo's End N Platoon

field rambo


For hardened veterans only.

Tramp through the bush in one of the most intense paintball fields in New Zealand. Descend down the steep embankment and navigate fallen trees and rugged terrain to find the enemy. Try not to fall in the swamp. 


Introducing our newest addition to Lock n Load in December 2014, our shooting range!

Practice in here to get your shooting as accurate as you can! Hosting up to four people at a time, and at no extra cost to use, take advantage of this new area and gain skills that your competitors won't have!