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Paintball is one of the safest sports in the world when you play by the rules, and we intend to keep it that way – please read and follow the rules below and we know you’ll have a great time!

House Rules & Safety

  • Children aged 18 and under require supervision. Parents/Guardians need to be on site at all times during the booking, they can watch games, or they can relax around the BBQ areas. No children under the age of 18 are to be dropped off, then collected when their game is finished.
  • All players must be 11 years or older to play paintball
  • Laser Tag players must be 8 years or older to play
  • Splatmaster (junior paintballing) players must be 8 years or older to play
  • Goggles must be worn at all times when not in safe zones
  • All markers must be chronographed below 300FPS
  • A barrel bag must be on your marker at all times when not in use (no barrel plugs)
  • All air systems must be New Zealand legal with a current LAB or SP LAB number and in test (3 Year for Carbon Fibre, 5 Years for Steel) or they will not be filled.
  • All air systems must be filled by an approved filler
  • All paintball markers must comply with New Zealand law and be Semi Auto (i.e. One shot per trigger pull) or Pump Action only (No Ramping or Full Auto Modes allowed).
  • DO NOT pick up any unused paintballs lying around our facility.
  • SAFE ZONE: No guns are to be brought into our Safe Zone deck area from the fields. (Does not apply to own gunners).
  • NO SMOKING around the desk & BBQ areas. The designated smoking area is beyond the toilets.
  • SPECTATORS: Do not enter the fields unless you have a mask on. Please see our friendly staff if you would like to view games.
  • NO VIOLENCE: There is to be no violence on our premises.
  • NO REFUNDS: You will be unable to get a refund if you have used your paintballs or opened your paintballs. If your team has been removed off the field due to not abiding by the rules you will not receive any refunds.
  • PAINTBALLS: All paintballs must be purchased from Lock N Load, unless agreed to in writing by Lock N Load Management.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: We are not responsible for any items lose on our fields or left behind. Please leave all bags and clothing in your cars. We can hold keys, phones and wallets behind our counter.
  • No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be allowed to play

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General (Simple) Paintball Rules

  • Players will be split into two equal teams
  • Player will start their game with marker barrels touching the start point
  • The game will start when the whistle or buzzer sounds and last for the required amount of time (to be announce by the referee).
  • Players objective is to shoot the opposing team, players are eliminated when they are hit with a paintball and it breaks on their body, goggles, marker or any equipment they are carrying.
  • Players may call a “paint check” if they are hit but are unsure if it has broken.
  • Eliminated players must call “HIT!” place their hand on their head as quickly as they can to their dead box, then place their barrel bag on the end of their marker.
  • Players objective is to get the flag, at the centre of the field and take it to their opponents start point (like a try in Rugby)
  • The game ends when either a) all of the opposition are elimiated, or b) when a team has successfully hung the flag on the oppositions start point

Tournament rules:

Paintball is played in a variety of tournament series around the world. Most tournaments in New Zealand use the NZPPL rule set which has been adapted for New Zealand conditions, but some also use other overseas variations – you can find them all here: