Welcome to Lock N Load Paintball!
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Here at Lock N Load we use only the very best equipment.



  • Tippmann FT-12
  • Tippmann 98
  • Tippmann Bravo One (Milsim Upgrade only)
  • Tippmann Sierra One (Milsim Upgrade Only)
  • Empire BT- 4 Combat



Unlike other fields who might still use CO2, the same propellent we used in the 1980s, our field is 100% compressed air (also known as HPA). What does this mean, you may ask? Compressed air is not only more environmentally friendly, but also more consistent, so expect more accuracy, and higher rate of fire – the pro’s use it, so why shouldn’t you!

All of our Compressed Air tanks are 100% complaint with HSNO regulations and filled by EPA approved fillers for your added safety.

For those with their own equipment, we have a compressor on site, so can fill your NZ Legal (with LAB Number) bottles or scubas for you. If you are playing on the day we will fill for you free of charge!



We provide excellent, safe goggles using anti-fog to help keep the fog from impairing your vision. Players are welcome to bring their own goggles onsite, providing they are unmodified and comply with all ATSM requirements for full face paintball goggles.


Lock N Load Paintballs

We source our paintballs direct from the manufacturer meaning you play with nothing but the freshest paint. Although our field grade is excellent for the weekend warrior, for those wanting a bit more we also source a premium ball perfect for those intense matches or tournament training.



Lock N Load will source the best stuff on the market that’s quality assured. Excellent fill consistency, perfect roundness and just the right shell strength.

We only get brands that have a great reputation including:

  • Meteor
  • Plague
  • Delos
  • HK
  • Elixir